Amber Wardell

You might know me online as The Sensible Mama or Sensible Amber. But here, I’m just Amber Wardell. Like you, I wear a lot of hats. I’m a cognitive psychologist, founder of LymiaBrand, and author by trade. I’m also a wife to Charlie, a mom to Roman and Abby, an avid roller skater, and a tamer of dragons. Well, bearded dragons. They’re technically lizards but whatever.

Failure, Re-examined

Depending on who you ask, I may sound like a huge success or a massive failure. Some people think that my serial pursuit of new achievements makes me a superstar, someone who is constantly growing and learning new things. Others see my collection of achieved and forgotten accomplishments as a lack of discipline or commitment….

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Every summer of my childhood, my parents took me to the beach. My parents are creatures of habit, so it was always the same beach. The same condo, even. I was an only child, and my parents understood how lonely a vacation could be for a kid without siblings. So, they always let me bring…

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