Brunch’ll Fix It

This has been a long and challenging week for me. I can’t say it was a bad week, necessarily, it was just one of those weeks that get you down. I’ve crossed off all the To Do’s, and in addition to feeling very proud, I’m also very exhausted.

BUT! Today, I had brunch plans. Beautiful, sparkling, brunch plans with my husband and friends we love dearly.

Is there any malaise that brunch can’t fix? Any melancholy it can’t overcome? I swear, after some french toast and mimosas I am ready to forget every troublesome thought or worry and sink blissfully into good times with good friends.

There’s just something about gathering at a big table with people you love and enjoying laid back, easy company. Having our phones constantly in our hands has a way of making us think we are connected to the people we love, but it’s hard not to notice how shallow those technology-mediated moments feel when compared to real, face to face connection. That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with using technology to help us stay in touch! I just think that too many of us forget how valuable these “around the table” moments are for our relationships and mental health.

Today, we got to love on each other’s children and watch them play happily together. We shared stories about our week, cheered for each other’s successes, and made silly TikToks. I got to share about some things that have been troubling me lately, and got to bathe in the support and encouragement of friends who want the best for me. I left their house feeling full in body, heart, and spirit.

As we work on growing our platforms and getting more followers and likes, I hope we are working just as hard on cultivating the real life friendships, too. For the socially awkward and introverted types, getting out of the house and being around people can feel … overwhelming, to say the least. But there is no healing balm for the soul like spending time, face to face, with the people we know love us. I challenge you, as we go into the new week, to make a point of spending time with someone you haven’t seen in person in awhile. You’ll be amazed what it does for your peace and your mental health.


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