My Top 5 Amazon Picks for Home

Amazon favorites

This is not my usual kind of content, but every now and then I like to share some of my favorite Amazon finds for around the home. There are some truly incredible household items out there that really improve the comfort and utility of our home. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Portable LED Table Lamps

These lamps have been a mainstay in our home, especially with my 7 year old who is sometimes afraid of the dark (be honest, me too). These portable LED lamps are USB rechargeable and can be moved anywhere around the house. They hold their charge for a decent amount of time (about 25 hours total), and recharge quickly. We like to keep them in places where we like a little extra light but where we don’t have enough outlets, or we don’t want to worry about unsightly chords. My son also keeps one on his bedside table, and on mornings that he wakes up before us and the sun, he uses it to make his way through the house and to our bedroom. They are sleek, stylish, and very functional.

Neater Feeder Mess Proof Pet Feeder

If you are a pet owner, you need the Neater Feeder food and water feeder! We got this because our dog Freya is a messy eater. At the end of her meals, there was always a slurry of kibble and drooled water all over our floor for the kids to smash and slip in. This feeder has a splash guard and a dual reservoir design that allows spilled water to drain down into the reservoir instead of all over the floor. It is also elevated, which allows Freya to eat comfortably without joint pain. Freya is about 35 lbs, a definite medium-sized dog. We bought the medium feeder, and it works fabulously for her!

Bathroom Storage Organizers

Okay, hear me out, these are not any ordinary bathroom storage organizers. These organizers come as a set of three, and each organizer comes with sturdy, load bearing adhesive strips which means no drilling! I wanted to get better about keeping our bathroom counter clean, but I found that it was always such a chore to remove all the things we keep on the sink just to clean, and then loading all those things back on the sink when I was done. I decided to adhere these caddies over our bathroom sinks, and we keep all of our bathroom essentials (hand soap, face creams, toner, moisturizer, perfume/cologne, etc.) in our caddies. Contained within easy reach above the sink, they create more space on the counter and make cleaning easier, too!

”Release in one Motion” Wine Opener

For the wine lovers, this one is a must! Not gonna lie, sometimes the dread of opening a bottle of wine stops me from having a glass, even when I really want one. This quick release automatic wine opener makes opening a wine bottle absolutely effortless. It comes with a foil cutter to remove the foil covering the cork (SO convenient!) and easily removes the cork with one pump of the lever. I should tell you that I am highly skeptical of products like this. I never think they’re going to work, and if they do work, I assume they will fall apart after a few uses. We have had our wine opener for almost two years and have had zero problems. It’s one of the most useful things in my kitchen.

Bathtub Caddie Tray

I am an unapologetic bath junkie, and this bathtub caddie has brought my baths to the next level. Most important to me, it has slip – proof pads on the bottom that allow you to relax without thinking that all your stuff is going to accidentally go sinking into the water. It has a tablet stand that fits most tablets, which I love. It is supposed to hold books, too, but I’ll be honest, that’s my one gripe about it — it doesn’t hold books as well as I’d like. My favorite part is that it has a slot for slipping the stem of a wine glass through so that your bath-wine (don’t judge me) won’t spill if you accidentally bump the caddie.

I hope you love these items as much as I do! If you have questions or comments, sign in and leave them in the comment box below!


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