The Best Kind of Self Care: Not Taking Anything Personally

As mothers and women, we often put our own needs last. We try to juggle work, family life, and our own personal growth all at once. It’s no wonder that so many of us feel drained, overwhelmed, and exhausted. But there is a form of self care that can be really powerful, but it’s very hard to master. It’s the concept of not taking anything personally. Here’s why it’s so important for moms and women to practice this kind of self care.

Let Go Of What Other People Think Of You

When we stop taking things personally we allow ourselves the space to let go of what other people think about us. We can stop worrying about how other people view us or if they approve of our decisions or not. This helps us stay true to ourselves without feeling like we have to please everyone else in order to feel validated or accepted. When you don’t take things personally, you can be more confident in your choices because you know that they come from a place within yourself that is genuine and authentic.

Realize That You Don’t Have to Defend Yourself

By not taking anything personally, you don’t have to defend yourself or your actions all the time. You don’t have to constantly explain what you are doing or why you are doing it. This allows us to conserve energy because instead of being on the defense, we can focus our energy on what matters most – ourselves and our wellbeing.

Focus On What Is In Your Control

When we don’t take things personally we are less likely to get caught up in worrying about how others behave or react around us. Instead we can focus on what’s in our control – namely our own thoughts and actions. Being able to focus on what’s within our power allows us to create positive changes in our lives rather than getting stuck trying to control how other people act or respond towards us. We can also use this opportunity as an opportunity for growth by challenging ourselves and striving for better results each day!

All in all, not taking anything personally is one of the most powerful forms of self-care that a person can do for themselves – especially moms and women who often put their needs last! By allowing yourself the space not to take things too seriously, you free up time and energy that would otherwise be spent defending yourself or worrying about other people’s opinions of you instead focusing on what truly matters – your health, wellbeing, relationships with others, etc. Not only will this help cultivate more positive relationships with those around you but it will also help foster greater feelings of self worth, knowing that ultimately it is only up to you make decisions based off your own values and beliefs. With consistent practice over time this form of self care will become second nature allowing for greater levels peace within oneself!


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