Free Digital Download — “The Next Best Thing to Therapy”

Every person needs and deserves therapy. Maybe not consistently throughout a lifetime, but at least occasionally. Therapy is not just a tool for people with mental illness, disorder, or disability. It’s for everyday folks who could benefit from having someone to talk to (I’m pretty sure that’s all of us!). Therapy has changed my life in many ways, and I’m thankful fore the privilege of therapy being affordable and accessible to me.

Not everyone is so lucky. Money and time constraints, disability status, and more can keep people from accessing therapy. I decided to write this short, 16 page guidebook to help people like that — people who want the benefits of therapy but who can’t access it right now.

“The Next Best Thing to Therapy: Practical Mental Health Habits That You Can Do From Home” is a free digital download that provides tips for starting positive mental health habits that you can practice on your own, free printable journaling prompts for keeping track of your progress, and a step by step guide for finding the perfect therapist for you.

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I hope you’ll check out and use this free guide. If you love it, or if you have feedback, you can let me know on Instagram or Facebook! I love hearing from you.


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