Equalizing the Household Load: Why Sharing Housework is a Necessary Part of a Healthy Marriage

Housework can be a major source of stress for married and cohabitating couples. It’s not uncommon for one partner to feel like they are carrying the majority of the load while the other partner does little or nothing. This can lead to resentment and tension in the relationship. It is important that both partners equally share in the household labor, especially after children come along. Here’s why sharing housework is so important for married couples.

The Benefits of Shared Housework

Cohabitating couples who divide their household duties evenly enjoy numerous benefits, including improved communication, better mental health, and a stronger bond with each other. When both partners are equally involved in taking care of the home and family, it creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding that can help strengthen the relationship as a whole. Furthermore, when both partners understand that they have an equal stake in maintaining the home, it reduces potential conflict over who should do what tasks.

Sharing Household Labor After Children Come Along

When children enter into a marriage or partnership, it’s even more crucial that couples share housework equally. Having kids changes everything—from sleep schedules to meal planning to cleaning responsibilities—and if one partner feels like they’re carrying more than their fair share of those responsibilities, it can put a strain on their relationship with their spouse. Studies have shown that couples who divide their housekeeping duties evenly after having kids have better marital satisfaction compared to those where one partner takes on most or all of the work.

Making Housework Part Of The Relationship

Making housework into something you do together as opposed to something you do alone helps foster connection between partners while also helping them stay on top of chores like laundry and dishes. Couples should look for ways to make shared housework fun by playing music or creating competitions aimed at seeing who can finish first!

Household Labor is a Solvable Problem

Every marriage has problems. There are persistent problems — the ones that stem from a foundational difference in personality or values, and solvable problems — those that are temporary and context bound. Equal division of household labor is a solvable problem. A solution can usually be found when both partners are willing to think critically and creatively. When couples commit to solving their solvable problems, they have more energy left over to work on the persistent problems. Making the commitment to share the household equally is a great way to solve the stress-inducing problem of housework and improve your marriage.


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